Sunday, January 22, 2012


As this newly discovered rare photo reveals, Vairkin were a mutated species of flying fish. Possibly now extinct, evidence indicates that Vairkin once flourished in the Galapagos Islands in great numbers. The eel-like elongated body enhanced their ability to glide through the air, in search of prey. Once a food source was sighted, the Vairkin would tuck in its expansive wings, and plunge into the ocean depths like a torpedo. Huge jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth were capable of hyper-extension, which allowed them to swallow food much larger than their head. Vairkin had rudimentary lungs in addition to gills. Front fins acted as "legs" which allowed them to move about on land, if necessary, to eat the eggs of seagulls or small sea creatures such as crabs.


  1. When are YOU jumpin' into the pool, Ramon? Can't wait to see what you'll post on here!