Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A curious Calmrita moments before we lost Andrea and a new suit of all environment diving gear. Estimated year 2876AD, ruins of New Orleans.  
The Calmrita, otherwise known as the fireball catfish, is from the Rita genus of fish(catfish)and from the Greek ‘kauma’ or heat. Found in slow moving brackish water, or near the drainage of ruins of heavy effluent or heavy industrial wastes, the Calmrita leads a mostly sedentary life, moving only when necessary for survival, feeding, or mating. At over 16’ long for typical adults, the calmrita is sometimes mistaken for a log or pipe by unlucky survivors of the apocalypse.
It has a slimy catfish like body with a distended stomach and long stinging whiskers and a gaping mouth capable of swallowing a human whole. Its most insidious defensive and digestive attribute is the ability to belch forth the contents of its stomach, covered in a highly toxic and flammable chemical, as a ball of chemical fire, ignited by a super hot gland located along the roof of the calmrita’s mouth. This chemical ball of white hot burning fire is not extinguished by water. The solid nature of the belched mass allows the calmrita to direct its attacks at swimmers, boats, and even those on shore that threaten it or its feeding grounds or breeding grounds.
Because of its natural habitat, often the waters where the clamrita make their home are ignited and burn for days or even weeks. This seems to have little to no effect on the animal or its survival.

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