Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Standing just under 8 inches tall, the Totive is a malign creature, probably of Fae origin. They appear as tiny clothed humans with perpetually lit candles on oversized skull-like heads.
It is thought Totives are the origin of the Willow-the-Wisp stories, as they often lure the uncareful out into swamps and other desolate places. There, they set traps for their victims. The corpses are rendered for their fat, that is used for the Totive's candles. As a result, Totives are foul smelling, solitary creatures.
The first mention of Totives can be found in a manuscript by Brother Oswald, a 13th century monk in northern Germany, called simply: "Nasty Creatures".


  1. Figuring this will make a great Tramp stamp! nice work Baron.